Tower Classes

Pilates Tower Classes

Experience a True Core Workout

Our Pilates Tower classes are an enhanced Mat workout. The addition of spring tension increases the challenge and effectiveness of many basic Mat exercises and the possibility of a wide range of new exercises. If you are familiar with Mat Pilates, or even a beginner, you will love this class!

Although not as well-known as other methods, Tower Pilates has many benefits which come from the resistance offered by the apparatus. The exercises focus on one area of the body at a time, making it easier to isolate muscle groups. Want to build your arms or legs? Our instructors can incorporate exercises into your routine to help you achieve these aims.

Great for beginners!

Unlike Mat and Reformer workouts, Pilates Tower classes do not follow any set routine. Therefore beginner Tower students commonly experience quick progression. Our instructors create a combination of exercises to fit the class and all students control their movement and follow along at their own pace.

Watch our video below to learn more about our approach to Pilates and to get a feel for what our classes are like.

Our Instructors

All instructors are fully qualified and bring a wealth of teaching experience. Importantly, they all adhere to the Elite Body Pilates philosophy of treating every student with personalized care and attention.


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