PIlates Reformer Classes

Pilates Reformer Classes

Reformer classes are perfect if you want to increase strength, flexibility and coordination. Suffer from back pain or just want to improve your posture? Come workout with us and see the difference you feel after even a few sessions.

Using the most well-known piece of Pilates equipment, the Reformer, both beginners and advanced students benefit from a stronger core, better balance and overall well-being after only a few weeks.

Introducing Reformer with Jumpboard Cardio Boost

Elite Body Pilates is proud to introduce this innovative workout. This reformer class will enhance your muscle tone and flexibility while adding and extra cardio boost through jump-board exercises spaced at intervals throughout the class. This class is not for beginners. Students must have attained basic knowledge of Pilates exercises through Mat or Tower classes.

The Benefits of Pilates Reformer Classes

A Reformer workout can be challenging and intense. However, our qualified and attentive instructors will work with you so that you only ever progress at your own pace. EBP’s philosophy of creating a personalized, caring environment will help you achieve the full benefits of the Reformer method, including:

  • Tone and reshape
  • Rehabilitate after injury
  • Weight loss
  • Greater flexibility
  • Improved breathing
  • Increased energy

Our Reformer classes are also pregnancy friendly. Please make sure to seek advice from your doctor before taking classes.

What our clients say

I’ve been taking Reformer classes at Elite Body Pilates for four years. I have seen a positive transformation in my body’s flexibility, strength, and tone. My muscles, specifically my core, are stronger, and also leaner. Each instructor provides clear instructions and is motivating. The studio is clean, well lit, and has beautiful equipment. Pilates is something I look forward to each week! – Dorothy

Booking a class is easy

Our online booking system will let you choose an instructor and class at a time that suits you. If you’d like a tour of the studio or have any questions please contact us.

Other Classes

We also offer Tower Classes and Personal Pilates Training.